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Jan. 7th, 2012 06:36 pm
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So yesterday was Appointments Day. Or, it was supposed to be.

I was scheduled to see my psychiatrist, go to my DBT individual therapy, and then petition for financial aid so I can study nursing, and THEN go to the pharmacy to get my meds. But that didn't work out hardly at all.

For one, I couldn't wake up until 11, though the alarm was set for 9. I was only up until about 1:30, but fatigue + residual grogginess from medications kept me in bed for a while.

Got to the mental health center, found out that my appointment with my psychiatrist was moved to later in the month (much, much later), saw my DBT therapist early (which wasn't too bad, but she never fails to be shocked by the shit I've been through in my life), got a letter to take to the petition place. Got to CNM after some confusion and going in circles and collecting papers, and... discovered that I am not actually admitted to the college. Had to apply before I could do anything else, despite talking to THREE FUCKING PEOPLE who never mentioned that I had to reapply. Fffffffffff. So, petition didn't get submitted because the college closed immediately after I filled it out and was accepted again.

Unfortunately, while trying to collect together all that paperwork and such, I ended up sitting next to a very energetic, curious child, who didn't appear to have an inside voice. Loud noises really put me on edge, and I was already really stressed out, so by the time I got home, I was kind of a wreck and spent the night doing data entry and washing some dishes.

Ken went and go our prescriptions from the other pharmacy, though, so that's very helpful, and he dries dishes as I wash them so I can get more than one rackful done at a time. Hopefully tonight I can finish at least plates and bowls, perhaps cups as well. The large cookware will have to soak, probably. He also bought a couple of steaks while he was out, because his 2-year anniversary of living here is on Tuesday. How time has flown!

Nevermind I washed a crapload of cups and almost all the bowls before my spine and hip said "FUCK YOOOOOOO". The kitchen is starting to look marginally better. Yatta.

Also, this Lions vs Saints game is really impressive. I muted all discussion of it on Plurk because I didn't want to deal with it, but from even a non-biased perspective, it's pretty competitive. I like competitive games better than all-out stompings, anyway.

Tomorrow I get to wake up somewhat early and gather laundry, a friend who lives nearby has a washer and dryer and Dr. Mario, so we're going over there to do laundry. Helpful friends are wonderful ;w; I hope to be helpful and wonderful to people someday.

Tonight: try to do RP tags, import journals, do more data entry, get a long shower. My back muscles demand it.



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